Gadi Kolsky

In House Counsel


Commercial property law can seem mind-numbingly complex and convoluted, but help is at hand with Gadi Kolsky.
Delving into his vast reservoirs of knowledge crafted over 35 years in every level of Australian court, the owner of boutique firm GK LAW takes great pride in methodically cutting through the legalistic jargon to provide practical, cost-effective solutions in plain English.
Anything but your run-of-the-mill solicitor, Gadi ditched the formality of his suit for jeans and T-shirt for day-to-day matters years ago, and is renowned for dealing with matters respectfully and judiciously.
A Paul Harris Fellow for his extensive community work with Rotary International, Gadi is a black belt in karate who spends his downtime with family, playing his cello (classical) and double bass (jazz), collecting art, reading, cooking and travelling to exotic locations on his beloved motorcycle as an adventure rider.
Retained to oversee and supervise the company's commercial leasing portfolio, Gadi also advises Rendina about its property developments, commercial operations and plans, industrial law relating to its employees, and various other legal matters.


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