How to save energy in your home

How to save energy in your home

How to save energy in your home

Rising energy costs are an ongoing problem for homeowners and renters. In fact, the government predicts that household electricity prices are expected to increase at an average of 3 per cent over the next year. Here are some ways you can save energy, reduce your costs and also help the environment.

Make sure gaps are sealed
Prevent the escape of heat by checking for window frame, door, floor, ceiling and wall cracks. Gap filler can help seal frames and wall gaps, while a draught stopper can block door gaps. What’s more, rugs and mats are inexpensive solutions to unwanted floor drafts.

Use the right window coverings
When selecting curtains, blinds, venetians or shutters, consider how to maximise or diffuse heat depending on the location of the room.
Thick-lined block-out curtains are ideal for rooms in direct sun, while verticals and venetians can be tilted at an angle to maximise both light and privacy.
Also consider security block-out shutters. Although they are expensive, they might save you money in the long-term.

Choose the right heating/cooling methods
While a reverse cycle air-conditioning has significant up-front costs, it is actually the cheapest way to heat your home per room, costing around $230 a year compared to portable heaters, which cost a hefty $825 a year.
Gas is also a cheap option, costing around $250 a year per room. It is also cheaper than electricity for whole-house heating.

Replace your bulbs
Energy-saving light bulbs such as LED cost a bit more to purchase but last longer and are cheaper to run. Put simply, it’s a small outlay for big savings.

Dress appropriately
It may sound like common sense, but dressing appropriately will help save energy costs because you’re less likely to turn the heater or fan on. So throw on a jumper on before you throw out your hard-earned money.
With many energy-saving methods to suit different budgets, there’s no excuse to flick (off) the switch and make some changes today. For more tips, visit our blog or click here to contact us for a chat today.