5 ways to maximise your outdoor living space

5 ways to maximise your outdoor living space
5 ways to maximise your outdoor living space

Everyone loves an outdoor entertaining space. Not only does it enhance livability and enjoyment, but it can also add thousands of dollars to your sale price.
The good news is that you don’t need a large backyard to create a peaceful oasis. Here are five budget-friendly ways you can add vibrancy to your outdoor area.

Go green
Plants promote calmness, boost oxygen and create a natural escape, which is particularly essential for those living and working in urban environments. Consider a vertical hanging garden to maximise space, or selected large pots to screen a wall.

Fake it till you make it
If you do not have a green thumb, you can consider artificial lawn as a low-maintenance, attractive way to create a user-friendly outdoor space. It's also soft under bare feet and generally pet-friendly.

Create a useful space
If you have the room, an al-fresco dining area can be a useful way to add another dimension to your home. If on the other hand you only have a small outdoor space, create an attractive purpose such as a reading nook, a bar table for social gatherings, or place a day bed or hammock there for the ultimate outdoor relaxation.

Just add water
Water features such as a fountain or small pond add a certain zen to outdoor spaces, promoting relaxation and meditation. Just make sure it is placed in a low-traffic area so visitors can soak up the soft trickling sounds and enjoy the peace it creates.

Screen it
You can create your desired ambience within your outdoor space by installing screens along unsightly fences and walls. Screens can also create privacy, which can promote further outdoor use. From bamboo, timber and grass to aluminium or steel, there’s no limit to your options.

However you choose to decorate, remember that your outdoor living space is just as important as your interior rooms. The right space can create a perfect entertaining area or a secluded oasis away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For more tips visit our blog or contact us for a chat today.