Home automation boom!

Home automation boom!
With a boom in home automation, the ability to connect most technology through your home Wi-Fi means that the days of hard wiring and expensive installations are all but over.

Most households have already embraced music technology. Sonos music, for example, allows you to stream songs from your smart phone or tablet. The wireless speakers are compact, super stylish and really pump out superior quality sound.

Moving along to other home comforts, control your home’s temperature including having your heating or air conditioning turn on half an hour before you get home, open the front door on arrival, and raise the blinds as you enter. All this and more can be done from a smart phone or tablet app!

Then when it comes to home security, watch what’s happening in your lounge room whilst you’re out to dinner on your phone and receive alerts instantly when something is not quite right. Home security systems are available to suit every budget too.

If you think it’s time to get some automation into your home check out Google Home, Telstra Smart Home or Z-Wave Australia. There is also a huge selection of DIY systems out there too, suitable for every property type and size.