Robin Salh

Portfolio Manager


Knowing that hard work and persistence is integral to his success,
Robin Salh's experience in property management established the core foundations of customer service, which is pivotal to his success.

Living, breathing and working in Melbourne's inner Northern suburbs allows him to connect with the people and properties he represents. With an unwavering enthusiasm, Robin takes pride in making the effort to go the extra mile each and every time. Personable and engaging, he has the instinctive ability to understand his client's needs. Whether an apartment or family home, Farm Lands & Commercial Property you can expect the same integrity and enthusiasm that delivers great results.

His passion, enthusiasm and business acumen benefits each of his clients, as does the support gained from the sterling reputation of Rendina Real Estate. For fresh insight and perspective, Robin is an excellent first call.


Mobile: 0448 236 720
Phone: 03 9381 6500

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